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We specialise in mouse blocking and eliminating bed bugs, but we are also highly skilled in tackling other common pests such as moths, pigeons, squirrels, foxes, rats, wasps, bees, cockroaches, fleas, ants and woodworm, and all insects. Whatever your problem we can offer a solution. We achieve results fast and all of our work is insured and guaranteed. 

We are a member of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and pride ourselves on eliminating pests quickly, effectively, and professionally.

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Pests are always a source of stress and worry for homeowners. Not only are pests annoying, but they are potential health hazards. Rats, mites, and flies are just a few examples of pests that are known for carrying diseases. On top of that, pests such as Rats, bed bugs, and carpenter ants cause homeowners billions of bounds of property damage. 

Eco-Friendly Services

When it comes to getting rid of insects or rodents in your home or business, HLA is your #1 choice for eco-friendly solutions. Our modern pest control company offers pest control services that are tough on pests yet friendly to people, pets, and the environment.    

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Our Mission

HLA is committed to protecting the health and property of our customers in the most environmentally responsible manner. Our passion ensures that we always go Beyond the Call to solve problems and support our local communities.


We had mice under our kitchen units and thought we had gotten rid of them but within two weeks the mice were back again. We called in HLA Pest Control and in no time at all they had removed all traces of mice and blocked entry points to our premises. Thank you, HLA for a great job. You really know your business and how to eradicate pests for good.

— Sudbury Hotel, Wembley, Middlesex

After years of reoccurring infestation problems in our block culminating with rats coming through a broken man-hole, HLA have solved the problem and have offered a personal and thorough service which larger companies could not match

— Rita, Melcombe Regis Court, London.

We were infested with mice in our kitchen many of them coming through cracks and between pipes. We called HLA Pest Control for their expert help. Amazingly, HLA was able to remove all traces with treatments over a period of 10 days, and now our kitchen is completely free of the mice. I would highly recommend HLA.

— Joy House, Harlesden, London