What People Are Saying

Saida Khatoune Kazmi

On finding rats/mice, we called our local council, but thought the service they provided wasn’t especially thorough. As we feared the rats/mice soon came back to the property! We decided to call Akeel, who not only rid us of our mice, but also implemented a number of proofing mechanisms to ensure that they didn’t return in the future. We’ve been rat/mice free ever since.

Joy House, Harlesden, London

We were infested with mice in our kitchen many of them coming through cracks and between pipes. We called HLA Pest Control for their expert help. Amazingly, HLA were able to remove all traces with treatments over a period of 10 days and now our kitchen is completely free of the mice. I would highly recommend HLA.

Sudbury Hotel, Wembley, Middlesex

We had mice under our kitchen units and thought we had gotten rid of them but within two weeks the mice were back again. We called in HLA Pest Control and in no time at all they had removed all traces of mice and blocked entry points to our premises. Thank you HLA for a great job. You really know your business and how to eradicate pests for good.

Hussein Kazaz

Excellent service, professional and reliable. Mr. Akeel Jaffar has solved several of our nightmare pest issues and we are very grateful to him and his team. Highly recommended.

Mustafa Jabbar

I Had bed bugs and didn’t know what to do, I was recommended by a friend to use Hla Pest control, so I did. They were amazing. They treated the house and gave me the guarantee that the bugs are all gone, and that if I see even ONE-bed bug anywhere within 3 months they will come and re-do the whole house again, free of charge! That’s what i call brilliant service. definitely recommend them. excellent service all round.

Rita, Melcombe Regis Court, London.

After years of reoccurring infestation problems in our block culminating with rats coming through a broken man-hole, HLA has solved the problem and has offered a personal and thorough service that larger companies could not match

Kousay Al-Tahan

I have been dealing with the HLA pest control company for more than 5 years, I run a private letting company, and my honest opinion they are always there for me when any problem arises they were there on the same day or the next morning,
They took care of all pest issues to a very satisfactory solution, to the tenant and to myself, and at very reasonable rates.

Haider Alrubaei

Great Service, Great after-sale Customer service.
Highly recommended.

Emma M

Akeel and his team are fantastic. I have had an ongoing mouse problem for a few years and I am terrified of them. Previous attempts to get rid of the mice had only worked short term so I was looking for a more permanent solution. HLA came and checked the whole house thoroughly, finding and blocking the tiniest of holes to stop mice being able to enter my property. Akeel and his team went above and beyond to help me, and were so reassuring and understanding of my fears. As soon as I made the call I had someone with me the very next day. They were prompt, courteous, and professional, and really knew what they were doing. I would recommend HLA 100%- they really seem to care about their customers and they have done a great job. I now feel like I can relax in my home without worrying about unwanted visitors.

Mrs. Douglas

Thanks to Mr. Jaffar of HLA Pest Control, I can once again relax in my own home. When he came to see us he informed us that, as we had suspected, not only did we have mice in the house, but a rat as well. We had a big problem, but Mr. Jaffar and his team took swift action. They laid potent poison under the floorboards and only when it was clear that there was no more mice/rat activity, did they go through every room in the house with forensic attention to detail and blocked all the entry points. They have been back to the house several times to monitor the situation and there has been no sign of rodents.
As soon as I met Mr. Jaffar I had complete confidence that he knew what he was talking about and that if anyone was going to be able to help us, it would be him. He has a wealth of experience.
I have, in the past, sought help from my local council and another well-known pest control firm that has not managed to get rid of the rodents. In my opinion, HLA Pest Control is the real expert in this field and I thoroughly recommend them.

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