Footlong super rats found in London? You can’t be serious!

Time and time again we have found that councils have cut their pest control budgets and are no longer offering services to get rid of mice, rats, bed bugs, and other household pets. This is having a terrible effect on people living in council accommodation, as they often ignore the problem or try and tackle it themselves in order to save money, only for the pests to return. This can pose a real risk to their health by using chemicals in non-controlled conditions.

However, there are companies out there that aren’t going to cost the earth and will get rid of your pests permanently. We are one of them.

In recent months, rats named ‘super rats’ measuring up to a foot long have infested homes in London.

Families are terrified and the stress caused by worrying about the disease they carry is particularly bad – especially for those with children or living alone.

Not only are they keeping people awake at night, but they are destroying possessions and causing electrical problems, and posing as a fire hazard. Many companies will try and take advantage and overcharge, so it’s worth doing your due diligence and contacting several companies – give us a call because even if we aren’t in your area we can give you a rough idea of what you should be charged for pest control services.

Council taxpayers in many areas were subsidizing the pest control services up to around £30,000 a year, which doesn’t represent good value for money. However, since the councils stopped subsidizing the services, there has been a rise in very distressed residents unable to cope with the pests in their homes.
If you are worried about pest control and in particular have a problem with rats or mice, contact HLA Pest Control today. We have a one-hour response time and will be with you as soon as we can, and can put your mind at rest by talking you through how we will go about getting rid of your pests permanently.