Preventing Mice from entering the house is the key to getting rid of Mice altogether.
Cleaning out the place, removing all food sources, and keeping all food and rubbish in sealed containers can contribute to prevention.

Mice can enter the property through the tiniest of holes and are willing to chew their way through any type of material in order to gain access to the property if they are seeking warmth or attracted to the smell of the food.

The access holes are mainly ground level but rodents can climb up pipes, curtains, or even furniture to get to the area where they are looking for.

The most common areas for mice to situate themselves are under the main doors, around the pipework, cables, and any gaps in the wall.

Sometimes they can climb pipes and trees to reach the access point.

Ventilation grills are also a common entry point for mice or rats. Most of the time you find them near the boiler areas seeking warmth.

You can identify rodent activity by observation dropping in the corners, edges of the room, or even under the skirting units and in dark warm places.

Rats and Mice can spread over 35 diseases which can be transferred to humans by coming into contact with feces, urine, etc, directly or indirectly and children are more vulnerable to get catching these diseases because they play on the floor a lot of the time. So it is very important to keep vigilant and make sure this does not become an issue for your and your family’s safety.